Pasadena modern modular corner sofa

Corner Pasadena - newness among leisure furniture

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  • Manufacturer: Steinpol
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  • Net Price: 4,065.04 zł / szt. 5,000.00 zł / szt.
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The product is shipped within 24 hours.

New from the German manufacturer.

The Pasadena corner sofa is distinguished by its modern form. Adjusting the seat depth increases the comfort of use. Dimensions and configurations can be changed thanks to available modules.

Price of the set (w/h/h):

- L: (292/90/172),

- standart sit (43 cm),

- without cold foam,

- without adjustable armrests,

- coverage in group 11.

Sample configurations and their dimensions:

The corner can be configured in many ways due to its modularity. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the elements in the product photos and choose the right elements.

Features available at extra charge:

  • armrest adjustment
  • higher seat 46cm (standard 43cm),
  • cold foam considered one of the most ecological,

The corner, among other leisure furniture, makes it possible to choose from 3 widths of chaise longues and sofas.



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