Upholstered bed Domenico Diamante

Domenico Diamante - modern and solid bed created for demanding customers. Upholstered in many variants.

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  • Manufacturer: Arpio
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The product is shipped within 24 hours.

Measurments Domenico Diamante:

It is possible to make a bed on a continental frame with a container and a frame with boxspring!


Standard bed dimensions - 140 × 200, 160 × 200, 180 × 200, 200 × 200 [cm].

Headboard height - 111 cm.

Headboard thickness - 10 cm.

Side height - 30 cm. There is a possibility of increasing.

Side thickness - 5 or 8cm.

Total length - 215 or 218 cm (depending on the thickness of the sides).


The basic price is for the standard, on the basic frame, in the upholstery of group 1, size 140x200. When choosing a cover, the size is also selected.

Legs S1 and P2 only available on 8 cm thick sides. Please inform us about the thickness of the sides that interest you.


If you have any questions or make the bed in other dimensions - please contact:

Salon meblowy Arpio - kontakt